We’d already set the stage for a solid advertising campaign for Integrity Dental through a number of ongoing services including: Website maintenance, hosting, and security; regular social media postings on 3 social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; real-time review, comment, message, and check-in monitoring and response for all 3 of their social media platforms; quarterly analytic reporting on social media and website performance; regular website SEO audits and constant SEO maintenance; Google, Bing, and Yahoo advertising management; and yearly website renovation.


Determining return on investment that a dental or medical practice receives through online marketing campaigns can be difficult to quantify. Our challenge was that many offices do not specifically track where their patients come from. In addition, practices are understandably cautious about sharing financial information. In this case, we were lucky to work with a client that kept meticulous records of how each new patient heard of them and agreed to work with us to track the results from our online efforts, in an attempt to measure a specific ROI.


Once we had access to their accounts, all we had to do was record the amount of money they spent through us via online advertising following the strategies we recommended, the number of new patients that resulted from those advertising efforts and the billing that resulted from each of those patients.


Test Period #1 (July-October, 2016) – In July of 2016, we spent a total of $300 via online advertising. The billing that resulted from new clients directly attributed to our online advertising totaled $4,821, an ROI of 1,507% or roughly 16 times the original investment. At the end of the 4 months, our client had spent $1,695 via online advertising and generated $20,392 in revenue attributed solely to new clients who had found the practice directly due to our online advertising. All of this generated a total ROI of 1,103% over the period. Note that this does not include 6-month checkups or other visits that also resulted from the patients. At this point the practice was running at capacity and chose to suspend online advertising while they brought on a new dentist as a partner.


Test Period #2 (May-October, 2017) – The following year, they asked us to begin our online advertising campaign again as their partner had been fully integrated into the business and they were ready for new patients. During this time, we maintained our organic SEO rankings and our social media presence, but this was the first time we did any advertising since the last test period (ending in October of 2016). Over this test period, ad-spend totaled $2,990.29 via online advertising through us and generated $15,048.46 in additional revenue. This comes to a total ROI of 403%. Even without the dramatic results of the first test period, an ROI of over 400% is a significant accomplishment and was expected since we had already captured many of the “easy to win” patients in the previous campaigns.


NOTE: All of our numbers only reflect the ROI which resulted from the FIRST visit of the new patient. If we were to record recurring checkups and procedures we are certain that the ROI of online advertising would rise significantly for both test periods.