CSU-Pueblo’s Foundation exists to provide sustainable financial support to CSU-Pueblo and to advance CSU-Pueblo’s mission through philanthropic efforts. CSU-Pueblo Foundation has awarded scholarships to over 700 CSU-Pueblo students totaling nearly $2.5 million in assistance. 80% of CSU-Pueblo students need and receive some form of financial assistance, and the work of the CSU-Pueblo Foundations enables them to improve not only their own futures, but the future of their families.


Our clients had two primary challenges they were seeking to address. Firstly, they were heavily focused on developing a campaign and strategy to engage current students and recent graduates as new donors to develop a better long-term relationship base with their primary base of future fundraising. Their secondary goal was to find more sustainable ways to reach donors not regularly engaged with the university and fund scholarships by leveraging the power of social media to expand the reach and effectiveness of the Foundation’s mission.


Starting in 2016, and each year after, the CSU-Pueblo Foundation organized a highly successful crowdfunding campaign known as Love CSU-Pueblo Give Day. Using alumni and community ambassadors on social media, it allowed a variety of student organizations to campaign to raise money. EasySocial’s role in Give Day was threefold. First, we managed building the Foundation’s social media presence on a day to day basis, through regular posts and responsive interactions. Second, for each actual Give Day campaign we assisted with setting strategy, scheduled each campaign video and post down to the minute, handled all digital advertising placed for the event and handled questions and social traffic on the day of the event. Finally, we provided the social media data crunching for their reports to the Foundation’s board to help measure the effectiveness of each campaign in terms of engaging new donors and the wider community.

Results and ROI

2016 GiveDay

  • Paid to EasySocial during 2016 (including all advertising budgets managed by EasySocial): $2,450
  • $11,881 total raised
  • 166 donors
  • Total ROI (measuring the one-time donations only): 3,849%

2017 GiveDay

  • Paid to EasySocial (including all advertising budgets managed by EasySocial): $5,700
  • $22,411.27 total raised
  • 664 donors
  • 1,770 followers, July 2017
  • Total ROI (measuring the one-time donations only): 2,932%

2018 GiveDay

  • Paid to EasySocial (including all advertising budgets managed by EasySocial): $6,300
  • $62,766 total raised
  • 1,691 donors
  • 2,694 followers, July 2018
  • Total ROI (measuring the one-time donations only) 8,963%