CSU-Pueblo Extended Studies had come under new leadership and that leadership brought a bold new vision and exciting new online and hybrid programs. One of the flagship programs introduced in the summer of 2018 was an RN-BSN course which allowed current RN’s to advance their career by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree within only 6 months. Although the program was relatively inexpensive and could result in substantial salary increases for its graduates, Extended Studies had experienced several issues getting enough enrollments to warrant continuing the program. Before they approached us, other marketing agencies had spent a significant amount on advertising the course in local printed media which had resulted in zero new students enrolled.


Our challenge was to get enough enrollments in the online course within one month to allow the program to break even and therefore justify continuing the program along with its associated costs. Complicating the issue, most of the initial marketing/advertising budget had already been spent on print ads so our advertising options were limited.


Given the parameters dictated by the limited budget and time, we decided to focus on the client’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. While we gained access to these accounts and set up our posting strategies we also coordinated and directed a local video team to create an exciting 30 second commercial for the RN-BSN program.

You can learn more about our social media management services and commercial creation services at www.EasySocial.Solutions/services.


After only one month of working with the staff we were able to generate enough interest to enroll students accounting for $45,890.40 in new revenue within that single program. In addition, while that would have more than accomplished our goal, we also grew their online following over the next 4 months by 22,352% on Facebook alone and saw over a 100% increase every other platform we managed for them as well (Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Return on Investment - ROI

We generated a positive return on investment of 3,009% in the RN-BSN program alone in June 2018– not including any enrollments which occurred after June 30th. This ROI calculation includes all costs associated with our management/consultation, shooting and editing of the commercial and the direct costs of placing the Facebook ads during the month of June.

Secondary Return on Investment

In addition to generating the hard ROI detailed in the above section The Extended Studies Staff believed that the increased awareness received by Extended Studies through social media generated secondary ROI in other programs such as their: Senior-to-Sophomore High School (HUB) Program, Online Construction Management Program, Online Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Program, and Continuing Education Programs.