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Marketing During Crisis – Practical Tips To Survive Corona Or Any Other Crisis

Marketing Tips to Live By During Crisis Times For many of us, the world looks completely different than it did just two weeks ago. Even the most cautious of business owners could easily be caught off guard by the changes just unleashed. Many are scrambling to know what to do next, how to simultaneously batten…

Implementing Digital Marketing For Legal Firms

Evolve Your Marketing Strategies A decade ago the legal field officially became over-saturated. Unfortunately, that trend hasn’t diminished and a bulk of law firms are still feeling that pain. The problem with over-saturation is that firms have difficulty acquiring ideal clients and prospecting new talent for their firms. As we enter into 2020, it is…

How Hypertargeting Can Enhance Your Business

The key to any marketing campaign is the ability to target an exact audience. In today’s world, consumers are becoming numb to the thousands of ads thrown in their direction. It is causing marketers to develop new strategies and new techniques in order to reach their desired audience. If a company is drastically trying to…

Where to Turn as Newspapers Die

As small-town and private newspapers close their doors or merge with nationally syndicated corporations all around the country, marketing managers/directors and small business owners are beginning to ask – where do we advertise now?  Many organization and local governments have become dependent on their local news agencies both to spread important information and as an…

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