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Do Dentists Need A Social Media Presence?

Many dentists and dental offices question how best to engage on social media and wonder if social media is even worth the immense amount of time and energy it can take. Even if you’re already skilled with traditional forms of client relations and advertising, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even…

How To Market To Millennials Using Social Media

Guest Author: Timothy A. Zercher – Founder and President of EasySocial Partner Organization: www.EasySocial.Solutions Not Your Typical Market Millennials (I am one, just for the record) can be an elusive group to reach for traditional and experienced marketing professionals. There are several reasons for this; here are a few of the biggest: Millennials tend to be…

4 Reasons To NOT Pay For A Social Media “Tool”

There are a lot of social media tools out there for many different industries including real estate, dental, healthcare and many more. Almost all of them, excluding the illegal ones, either promise: To increase your follower engagement by posting great content for you Or to make social media easy for you by automating one part…

SEO And Social Media Marketing Can Generate REAL ROI For Dental Practices

About a year ago, our team set out to determine the actual ROI (Return on Investment) of our services for our dental clients. For most firms, this is no easy task as most practices are very careful with who they share sensitive information like profit margins with. To make it harder, a large number of…

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